For Tithe/Offering/Alms/Projects:
AC/NO: 1280-1641-96066



  • To share the vision of GMMI and GMT
  • To provide supervision for consistent direction
  • To set into position and hold workers accountable before God
  • To shepherd and parent the leaders effectively

Pillars (Gal. 2:9)

  • To provide experienced advice, confirm founders’ leading and assist with policy implementation
  • To ensure the welfare of the founders and leaders of various arms receive good care and attention
  • To assist in running all ministry affairs when founders not closely available


24 Elders (Rev. 4:10-11)

  • To have experienced men and women in ministry who have a burden for souls and who love the body of Christ (preferably with a family)
  • To pray and give opinion, advice and caution on general ministry matters about policy and doctrinal matters to the founders and pillars.
  • To support ministry project with good planning and financial support strategies
  • To be available for assignments from Founders and Pillars to represent them
  • To provide professional resources in their various fields towards income businesses and projects

12 disciples (Mark 3:13-14)

  • To be mentored and discipled mainly by observation that they carry the same vision as the Founders as they follow Christ.


9 ministry heads

  • To form a committee of heads of outreach arms that will ensure healthy competition, prayer and accountability for one another’s performance.


1. DCCI (Deliverance Class & Counseling Interactive – Obadiah 17)

  • Train workers for effective deliverance ministry
  • Minister true deliverance to individuals in interactive classes
  • Special emphasis on sex addiction counseling programs

2.MDM (Muzi-Drama-Message – Psalm 95:1-2)

  • Use a combination of preaching, live drama, dance and video clips with music as an alternative means of ministry especially to evangelize.

3. DPW (Deep Praise and Worship – John 4:23-24)

  • Provide an enabling atmosphere for prophetic type praise and worship freely and as the Holy Spirit leads.

4. YM (Youth Ministry - Eccl. 12:1)

  • Partner with campus Christian Unions for evangelism campaigns and projects

  • Source for ministry workers from campus and college alumni’s who are available and willing

  • Work with retirees and mature brethren who can give their time and are experienced in ministry for outreach of old people’s homes, etc as well as participate in business projects

5. ONO (Operation Neighborhood Outreach - Acts 1:8)

  • Aggressive neighborhood evangelism

  • Ensure that strong consistent interdenominational care groups are thriving

  • That the care groups become a strength in the overall GMMI vision

6. RSS (Revival Sunday Services - Acts 4:31)

  • Bring together saints from different churches quarterly for an interdenominational power service with eloquent, spirit filled and gifted servants of God and miraculous manifestation of spiritual gifts, signs, wonders and healings for all.

  • Altar calls

  • Provide Pentecost Rallies and Transformation camps with the RSS as a climax service

7. IYMI (International Missions Initiative - Matt. 28:19)

  • Send young missionaries to other nations of the world to

  • Aggressive evangelism door to door witnessing activities

  • Establish Five Fold ministry GMT churches and GMMI centers

8. AB (Asian Burden - Acts 16:6-10)

  • God does His work by giving us specific burdens (The Macedonian call)

  • Establish an arm of GMT that will pay keen attention to ministry to the Asians in Kenya and related unreached groups.

  • Build homes, centers and establish businesses for those who are ostracized by their society